We refinance communication measures

Pay your advertising campaign with your own products


We help you to strengthen your distribution. You become more present in the market nationally as well as internationally.


So that you do not have to book write offs, we buy your over production or your seasonal warehouse stocks. Thereby you obtain a significant improvement of your results.


In return to selling your products you receive marketing and media performance especially tailor made for your needs. Thereby you reinforce the attention for your company and your products.

As your partner we help you to identify hidden values and to apply them in a profit making way.


Increase of returns

As we purchase your capital binding warehouse stocks as slow movers, life end products or seasonal articles for higher prices, you obtain additional returns for assets which actually should be written off. We even buy forerunners of successor products or goods with a short best before date. Furthermore we also deal with vouchers as well as different forms of services.

Improvement of cash flows

When required we take over leases of empty real estate as well as open claims and look after long term sponsorship agreements. Thereby you receive already today the total claims and can obtain proportional new media performance.

Identifying new marketing channels

By acquiring free product capacities we identify new marketing channels for the trade name business for conditions which are clearly above the marginal costs – independent from the industrial sector and the trading volume.

With our service you improve your balance sheet – regardless of the economic cycle or your situation within the specific industry sector.


Car industry

Cars have a straightforward life cycle, at the end of which a successor product is already waiting. Here it is important to avoid subsidies and rebates for the old model to keep the new car attractive. By selling the cars for the former price the manufacturer could reduce his stock and nevertheless obtain the full margin. These returns made it possible for the company to have a clearly higher advertising budget for the new model and they were spent for a TV and poster advertising campaign.

Consumer goods

Convenience goods are subject to different restrictions, e.g. the commerce requires a best before date for food products. We have taken over products with a very short best before date and sold them to social institutions. By doing so the existing distribution channel has not been affected. As return service the FMCG partner received a poster media campaign that gave him the possibility to advertise for new products.

Airline company

The budgets for advertising and sponsoring are limited – and the sponsoring of a football team has a high price. By taking over travel vouchers, which we sold to a restricted circle of users, the company could, in return, proportionately pay the sponsoring activity out of the sale proceeds.

We offer taylor made solutions in order to optimize your distribution channels and to reinforce your trade mark by additional communication measures.





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